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Interfraternity Council
The University of Mississippi
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    Welcome to the Interfraternity Council website at the University of Mississippi.

    My name is Beckett Abington, and I have the honor of serving as the IFC President to our sixteen chapters and roughly 3,300 gentlemen. Our IFC Executive Board is composed of eight officers who work to constantly improve our community within their positions. Our IFC Executive Board strives to fulfill our duties to ensure the Greek community is not only candidly represented but becoming greater each day.

    The Fraternity and Sorority community at the University of Mississippi has a rich history almost as old as the University itself. Our first chapter was founded in 1850, only two years after the University received its charter. Since then, there has been a strong tradition of excellence in our community that is apparent across our campus. IFC exists to promote the core values of our fraternities: academic excellence, diversity, equity & inclusion, civic engagement, personal & professional development, and health & wellness. These values have guided our fraternity system to become one of the premier Greek communities in the nation. We place academic excellence first as it is our strongest core value and resembles how the IFC allocates stronger efforts ensuring our student’s success.

    Being a member of this community has had an incredibly positive impact on my college experience. This community has provided me with the connections and skills necessary to get involved within our numerous student organizations and ascend into leadership roles across our campus. Looking back on my freshman year, I know I would not be in the position that I am in right now without the help and support of my family and friends among our sixteen chapters. Our community is one of the most welcoming in the nation, and I have been blessed to experience it firsthand. One of the greatest benefits that our community offers is personal and professional development. The amount of growth that our members undergo between the time they first join their organization and the time they graduate is astounding, and we look to continue to see that growth by supporting our chapters with impactful programming from our office.

    That being said, we recognize that there are flaws within our community. Addressing these flaws is a challenge, and will require accountability, transparency, and communication. We plan on facing that challenge head-on by working to make our community as inclusive, safe, and supportive as possible. As President, I plan to work hard to create new opportunities for our members, foster lasting positive relationships between our chapters and University offices, and continue to improve our fraternity system.

    Along with these problems comes solutions and growth. I plan to work with my council, the two other councils, other student organizations, and University Leadership to develop the Ole Miss community and beyond.

    Whether you are a parent, a prospective member, or a current member of our community, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly at with any questions, concerns, or input that you may have.

    You may also contact our office at (662) 915-7609 or email for more information.


    Beckett Abington