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The University of Mississippi
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  • Interfraternity Council

    Welcome to the Interfraternity Council (IFC) at the University of Mississippi! My Name is Paul Markos, this year I am serving as the Interfraternity Council President for the University of Mississippi. The Interfraternity Council is composed of 9 fraternity men charged to represent the 15 IFC fraternities on our campus. Our council exists to promote the core values of our fraternities: academic excellence, respect and dignity for all, civic engagement, personal and professional development, and health and wellness, as we seek to foster and create selfless, diverse leaders among our men. Our goal this year is to give the chapters the tools to allow them to succeed to mold their members into becoming the best version of themselves.

    My time spent in our Greek system has been incredible. Greek life has given me some of my closest friends which has allowed me to make many of my favorite college memories. However, I am not naïve to the perception some may have of Greek life. It does not mean that I think this system always displays the value that it boasts perfectly or even scratch the surface of perfection. It is nearly impossible to deny the potential that we as students within these organizations could reach and the expectations that we could exceed if we were to operate at a level that aligns with the type of men that we have sworn to be. That is what makes this system and this job worthwhile. Our potential is limitless, and we can unify with the Greeks across campus to move forward as a Greek community. Let’s be who we say we are, let’s be servant leaders. Let’s understand each other and hold one another accountable. Let’s be mindful and loving and let’s have a lot of fun doing it. Feel free to contact me anytime at

    You can also contact our office at 662-915-7609 or email for more information.

    Paul Markos, Interfraternity Council President