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Interfraternity Council
The University of Mississippi

How to Join an IFC Chapter

In 2024, there will be two ways to join an IFC Chapter at the University of Mississippi; Formal Recruitment, Open Bidding. Learn more about each option using the information and links below.

Please also review our: IFC Recruitment Guide

Formal Recruitment

Formal recruitment is the primary way Potential New Members (PNMs) join our community. Coordinated by the IFC Recruitment Team each Fall semester, the week long structured process consists of a series of events called Rounds. PNMs start off visiting each chapter and as the week continues will participate in a mutual selection process to narrow down their options. By last round PNMs have the opportunity to receive a bid from up to three chapters. All potential new members interested in the Interfraternity Council recruitment process must have a 2.7 GPA in order to participate. Click here to learn more about IFC Formal Recruitment.

Open Bidding

IFC open bidding is when fraternities extend membership invitations outside the formal recruitment process. Open bidding begins the day after Bid Day for two weeks, then opens again the first day of classes in the spring semester for one month. Time frames are subject to change based on academic calendar and formal recruitment dates. Potential new members should communicate with the recruitment chairs of fraternities they are interested in to learn more about each chapter’s open bidding process. Note, not every fraternity will conduct open bidding. All potential new members interested in Interfraternity Council open bidding must have a 2.7 GPA in order to participate. Click here to learn more about IFC Open Bidding.